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Back lol

Thu Jun 3, 2010, 9:55 PM

Sorry I kinda disappeared the past few days guys! We didnt have internet for a little over 2 days, turns out our modem died xDD I dunno why, it just up and croaked. Soooo we had to go get a new one. And then we had to wait for dad to get it working...ugh I hate modems, they're soooo hard to set up correctly xD and eh, its still not letting derek get onto the internet...I'm only able to because I'm connected to it with an ethernet cable, hes having to use wireless and its just not working and we have no idea why. Meh. xD Anyway, then derek and I went to go spend a day with pearlls C: we had fun doing silly things and being silly and sillyness. And derek and I also took a hike out in the woods behind my house and we found a hidden lake that I had no idea existed until we stumbled upon it it was awesome and its so pretty - we only found it because we followed a deer trail and then found a mini creek and followed that and yes...and then on our way back we ran into a deer, she was really pretty. :3 scared us though! xD oh and we tried to catch bullfrogs in the creek it was fun and we got muddy because it had just rained. C:

Also inbetween all this I've been working on a side project derek and I have been working on and trying to learn to model in 3D with blender...its hard D: I'm slowly getting there though, but we keep running into obstacles! ahh! anyway.

enough rambling now! bai gais!

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June 3, 2010