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August 9, 2010



Feature game!

Mon Aug 9, 2010, 12:49 PM
: D
Stolen From: :iconjerepasaurus:

:bulletblue: Be one of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

:bulletblue: For each of the 20 first people answering this journal I will put the deviation(s) I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

:bulletblue: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

Goddess Blue Skies by Jerepasaurus
The pose and the thought she put into the coloring on this picture is wonderful, it turned out so sexy and beautiful. :3

I just love glowy things. xDD This is gorgeous.
Skull by Brendavid
I was very happy to see this drawing, its not very often you see people attempt to draw a skull and have it turn out so successfully.
Madi Gift by Brendavid
too cute.
Darwin Reference Sheet by vtforpedro
I absolutely LOVE this dragons design. Love love love.

I am very proud of Lisa for drawing and coloring this picture completely on her own, and it turned out gorgeous. :3
4. :iconwinter-silverwolf:
The Reason to Fear by winter-silverwolf
I like the way she used the contrast of the blue and the red to add to the feeling of uneasiness of the picture (or fear), and I thought it was kinda neat how the character nearly blends in with her background.
Somethimes... by winter-silverwolf
Very emotional. I also liked the anatomy on this one.
5. :iconspooky-pookie-sue:
Life and FeelingsLife is
Like a dream you never wake from
That you never can lose feelings
And you always get hurt too much.
Hours that past are
Like a long, ass painful clutch of desire
But with not having anyone there.
Killing you on the inside just a bit.
No one loving you is
Like being alone for a lifetime
Or maybe even worse than that.
Calling you to find someone you love.
My dreams are
Always consisting of you
Even if you are a painful thought in my mind.
I suffer from many problems.
The feelings of
Being touched where I was never touched before
And having the sense of comfort are
More than just that.
My dream is
A never-ending dream of happiness
And love from one another.
I cherish this dream.
Saying I love you is
More than saying I like you,
It gives a sense of meaning to me
That you have yet to understand.
You are
No more than a pleasant memory
That I try not to lose.
I keep all my thoughts of you to myself.
I am
Just a person that is used and torn
Even if I don't deserve it.
I have made many

I like how raw this poem is. Whether it is straight from her heart or just something she wrote, its powerful.
Art Project-used for an award2 by spooky-pookie-sue
I like the design of this award, its different than what you usually see.
6. :iconlinwenhuang:
The Last Flight by linwenhuang
I really enjoy the soft colors and design of the layout for this one.
No Fireflies Tonight.... by linwenhuang
The pose of the character is great, it has a lot of determination in it. Which judging by their artist comment, is exactly what they were going for.
7. :icontala-luna:
It looks like she put a lot of time into detailing the fur on this one.
I don't see very many people successfully pull off a night scene..its very hard to get the colors right, and she pulled it off very well.
8. :iconspring-silverfall:
I pinch? by Spring-Silverfall
tooo cute for words! xD
Mer Tigress and Mer Tiger by Spring-Silverfall
I've never seen a mer tiger before, thats a pretty neat concept.
9. :iconkattotang:
008 Wartortle by KattoTang
haha, nice combo there xDD
Battle of the Gaping Maws by KattoTang
just epic.
10. :iconblack--dark:
Twilightdragon by Black--Dark
Good job on the symmetry here.
Mothfairy by Black--Dark
I like the colors used in this one.
11. :iconsythgara:
Adaptation by Sythgara
I love this piece, it is such an interesting creature design, and very well executed. Excellent job on defining the form/muscle of the creature.
night approaches by Sythgara
I love this piece even if it is just a little speed paint. It has great perspective, and wonderful colors. Great job.
12. :iconanavar:
sp11 Orion Nebula by Anavar
I don't think this has gotten quite the reception it deserves. Space scenes are not easy to draw or paint, and she did a wonderful job with this nebula painting. I love the colors!
11th Doctor 2 by Anavar
Now I've never gotten into the Doctor Who series, so that is not why I chose this piece. I chose it because portraits are so hard to do, and even if she did not get it quite the same as the Doctor as she says in her comment, I think it turned out wonderfully. The hair is superb, and the shapes of the face are defined very well. Great job.
13. :iconlucky-phantom:
Z is for Zooey by Lucky-phantom
Wonderful job on this portrait. As I've said earlier, portraits are extremely hard to get right. Great job with the colors and I love the watercolor on the bottom.
O rly... by Lucky-phantom
Because I could not resist. I loved this movie, and the style used on this drawing is very nice. Great job.
14. :iconhime-ka:
Alone by Hime-ka
I like the perspective with the wood of the table, and the reflections in the bit of water on it. The flower is very pretty too.
Eye Animation by Hime-ka
Pretty smooth animation.
15. :iconjwindjackal:
Lady Gaga. that is all.
Jellyfish are so cool.
16. :icondragonheartluver:
Goddess of Her Own Temple by DragonHeartLuver
The dragon's design is very interesting.
AT with Zwindial by DragonHeartLuver
I like the reflections in the water.
Goodness you put your stuff in a lot of groups ._.
17. :iconnina-13draco:
Sea Dragon design? by Nina-13draco
I like this water dragons design.
Draco-ID by Nina-13draco
also a very neat design.
18. :iconchaos-eden:
a single moment of sincerity. by Chaos-Eden
I like the sweet and tender pose/expressions in this one.
waste. by Chaos-Eden
The color swirls are kinda cool.
19. :icontraediras:
Into the West by Traediras
I love the camera view on this picture, the sweeping wing over the top of the viewer is a nice touch.
: overdrive v1.5 : by Traediras
Two words; SHINY SWORD! xD Srsly though, I love the flowing coat, great job.
20. :iconlynayru:
I love how well they integrate into the background, the colors are amazing.
Cain and Ripha by Lynayru
Too cute, I love the anatomy and the poses of these little guys. :3

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